Welcome to The British Transplant Games.

Recently the Squash Pod were given the humbling pleasure of being involved in the opening day of the 2019 British Transplant Games.  The British Transplant games was hosted in Newport this year from 25th July to the 28th July. The purpose of the games is always to shine light on the hard work, dedication and talent of the doctors and nurses in hospitals across the region who bring hope to families and individuals who are undertaking some kind of transplant surgery.

Every competitor who took part at this amazing multi sport event have one distinctive connection, they have all received an organ transplant.

Check out our interviews with two great guys Daniel O’Rourke & Ian Tennant. Both Stories are inspirational so please take the time to check them out. We want to thank them both for taking the time to share their stories with us and to help us see first hand just how important organ donation is. 

You can hear more of our feature shows here.

Check this link out to help you decide about organ donation:

In 2020 donation register is moving to an opt out system, which means you will be automatically opted in to donate unless you opt out. Everyone is encouraged to register their decision, and to communicate that decision to your family.

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