More about the Squash Pod

The Squash Pod was initially formed by Bevan Duff & Jamie Mcansh as a podcast to support Squash.  As time went on and the Podcast grew Jamie needed to come away from the Squash Pod due to both work commitments and his new role as ambassador for disability in Squash within Wales. We wish him luck and will keep supporting him on his journey to grow the game. 

Grow the game

Help us to grow the game by getting involved with your love of the game. If you have funny stories, videos or blogs that you want to share please email them to us and we can share them for you. Take a look at our community blog platform if you want to have your own Blog Profile. Types of info we are looking for: Funny pics, funny videos, personal blogs, Interviews you have done whether by text or MP3. 

Happy NIcks!!!!!!!

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