A Day in the Life of Amanda Sobhy!!!

By The Squash Pod

A Day in the life of the American Squash Sensation Amanda Sobhy!!

Q: Amanda thanks so much for giving us some of your time. We would love it if you could share a typical day for your fans??

A: No problem happy to share a typical day:)

Well I wake up around 8am.
Morning routine- gratitude journal, daily wellness check, check my phone while drinking a litre of water, meditate anywhere from 10-20 min.

Eat breakfast- 90% of the time it’s 2 eggs on toast with 1/4 avo or little Parmesan cheese, a cup of berries, and tea.   

Then get ready for training!!!

Have either a squash session with Thierry in the morning from 10:30-12, or I’ll have fitness with Micah from 9:30-11 or I’ll have a joint session with both of them.
Then I’ll recover, stretch, go home and make some lunch & relax for a couple hours before my next session around 2:30ish Lunch is usually yogurt parfait, a protein smoothie, or oatmeal with some protein powder in it and fruit. I prefer a smaller but dense lunch since I have to train a couple hours later and don’t like to be too full.
In between sessions, I may schedule any calls or appointments I need to get done too.

My afternoon session varies between doing a gym session and solo, playing a practice match, doing a ghosting session, or just hitting with another player and doing drills and condition games. All depends on what I did in the morning and how my body is feeling.

Usually Wednesdays I just do active recovery in the afternoon so maybe a yoga class, swim or get a massage. 

The evening…

I’ll head to MIT for team practice which is 5-7.


Most of the time I’ll just coach but sometimes I’ll join in and hit with the guys or help feed them and run them around.

After practice, I’ll head home and cook dinner which is normally chicken, veggies, and some sort of grain/potato. If I’m too tired and need to eat something that will make me happy, I’ll go get Dig Inn which is my favorite thing ever. 

Check it out!!!!


Then for the rest of the night I’ll basically not move from my couch unless I’m rolling, stretching, or recovering.

And then I’ll pass out at like 10:30 ish and do it all again tomorrow!!!👌🏽👌🏽😂😂

WOW WHAT A DAY!!!!!! Thanks Amanda!!!!!!!!

The Squash Pod