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Disability Squash

Disability Squash - a sport offering inclusivity amongst all. Rwhibina Squash club offers an inspiring service to its community.

Somewhere in a small Village in Cardiff, Wales there is a chap called Richard Plenty who provides a disability squash provision for the community. I hope that by sharing his story it will inspire others to duplicate. 

Harriet & Laura enjoying some down time

Like most volunteers they do not look for the limelight, which is why you will not see any pictures of Richard Plenty, but rest assured the individuals and the community he and his team helps are super appreciative. 

Richard who loves Squash himself and has a a daughter Laura who once went to Weston House a care home for young adults with disabilities. He had a lightbulb moment. Perhaps playing Squash might be something Weston House might like to offer their residents the chance to have a go at. Weston Houses’ motto is “Be all that you can be” So Richard and his team of volunteers set about how they could help through the medium of Squash! 

Richard with the help of Bob Perry, Dave Rhys, his son Daniel and the Rhiwbina Squash club committee all started to put steps in place to provide a regular service to Weston House.  The regular service to Weston House is every other Monday from 6pm – 7.20. Equally there is another session every other Monday open to anyone with a disability with a wheelchair. Now the service has also grown into the local community and now offers a wheelchair only session every Thursday 6pm – 7.20.

A great shot of John, Steve and Jamie Mcansh who was inspired through the Squash sessions and now inspires others!

Jamie Mcansh shares his positive outcome!

"I got involved in the disability sessions and played in a wheelchair. I didn't know how it would work but with the right people supporting me the dream of becoming a Squash player became a reality. Now as a player I have competed in 3 Masters tournamants!! With the support of an amazing group of people I achieved my dreams both on court and off court. My proudest accomplishment in Squash is meeting the people I now have the pleasure of calling my friends".

Jamie Mcansh

We asked Richard if the service was difficult to set up.....

“Its hard going at the start, but I think the fact that we keep getting the same people back every week shows we are doing something right and are making a difference in peoples lives”

Richard Plenty (Voluntueer)

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