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Identifying Talent

Greg Tippings

Introducing Greg Tippings:

@GtSquash Greg Tippings is a passionate high performance squash coach. Currently he is Squash Wale’s national junior coach. 

Stats: 42 years old, Highest PSA 69, Runner up world team champs 1999, twice British uni champ, bronze medalist at world student games!!!

Q&A on identifying talent

Squash Pod: What do you look for the most in identifying talent?

GT: To be honest with you, I look more for the attitude and the enthusiasm of the player.  Eagerness to improve – and obviously natural movement and hand eye coordination.

Squash Pod: Is body type important in Squash?

GT:  If you look at the top players excelling right now, there is definitely an emphasis on athletic ability.  Players like Paul Coll, Joel Makin, Camille Serme, Nour El Tayeb spring to mind. What is so reassuring in Squash is that it is so multi faceted, as long as you are are willing to work hard any body type can excell with the right conditioning.  Look at James Willstrop and Sarah-Jane Perry who are considerably taller than most of their compatriots.

Squash Pod: Most professionals seem to have started very young. How important is it to start young?

GT: Its definitely an advantage starting young, but its more important the rate at which you improve and the foundations you put in place.  Obviously starting this process young is going to help. There are plenty of examples of players starting later in squash and competing at a high level. Jonah and Joey Barrington are both good examples of late starters.

Squash Pod:  What would you say is more important Talent or attitude.

GT: I would say attitude is the most important factor and a great book to explain this is The goldmine effect by Rasmus Ankersen. The world is your oyster if you are willing to work for it. Personally i think the advent of professionalism has shed a bigger spot light on sport and behaviour and maybe the tide has turned and fans and players expect more from players. I see a drive for values and the benefit sport can bring to peoples lives and i believe pros are starting to realise they have a part to play in this as role models. Luckily squash is blessed with some fantastic role models and long may this continue!!!!

Greg with his son Louie

Interested in coaching with Greg? – email him on

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