What does smashing it in the Nick Mean?

Emyr Evans

By The Squash Pod

Sometimes in Squash its not about the winning, its about pulling off that worldclass shot that makes even your opponent clap you!!!

What is a Kill Shot? 

” A decisive smashing or punching of a ball with the hand or a racket, such that it is virtually unreturnable”

What does hitting it in the Nick mean?

The Nick is the intersection of the floor and ANY sidewall. If you happen to hit your lucky ball in this area you are likely to achieve a kill shot, or what is also referred to as a ROLLER because the ball will usually roll along the intersection. This is usually followed in quick time by an almighty roar or squeal of delight!!

Check out this fella demonstrating a cross court Nick……

The person most famous for the crosscourt nick is Ramy Ashour. Check out how its done below, what a legend!!

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