Huck & Gus take on the glorious game of Squash.

The Squash Pod

By The Squash Pod

Thornbury Leisure centre

The Glorious Game

A friend of ours asked us to introduce his two adorable boys Huck & Gus to the glorious game of Squash. An absolute pleasure we thought.

So, we packed up our Squash gear and drove to Thornbury Leisure centre in Bristol where we briefed the young lads on the fun that was about to take place.  Both boys hadn’t played before. However, Gus the eldest did say he had played tennis, so he was confident!!

After a quick interview with the boys we took them on court.

We had created a target for the boys to hit on the front wall just to spice things up a bit. The target was a terribly drawn character conveniently named “Mr Squash” with a speech bubble protruding from his mouth with the words “hit me in the face”

From a safeguarding point of view, we would like to reassure everyone that Mr Squash is not a real person and was therefore not at any personal risk throughout the session. 

Huck & Gus to the glorious game of Squash

The boys were aiming for Mr squash, and shouting for joy if they managed to catch him square in the face. We later introduced a bucket for the boys to try to land the ball in to encourage some accuracy. This was a bridge too far for the young boys and Huck decided not to land the ball in the bucket, but to sit in it instead.

Fair to say a lot of fun was had by both as demonstrated by the post session chat we had with the boys.

What did Mum and Dad think?

Mum and Dad enjoyed themselves too and are adamant that the boys will be playing squash again soon. Also, the world of squash may need to sit up and take notice, because the Dad has mentioned he is considering going along to some beginner sessions at his local club.

If you are wondering how you or your kids can get involved in squash, simply find the local club to you and see what junior sessions they have and arrange to pop down. Failing that, get in touch with your awarding body for example Squash England, or Squash Wales to see what taster sessions are in your area.

Do you, Your family or maybe a friend want to try Squash? Well we can help make that happen. Drop us a contact below for more details!