Irish Squash
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Are there many more passionate nations than the Irish? You would be hard pushed to find many!

The (NGB) National Governing Body for Squash in Ireland is “Irish Squash” They are recognised as such by Sport Ireland,  and the governance team are made up of a voluntary board elected each year.  Their job is to promote and develop Squash nationally, regionally and locally.

Irish Squash is a member of the WSF the world Squash Federation as well as the ESF the European Squash Federation and are funded via: 1. Public sector Sport Ireland 2. Membership  fees  3. Private sector sponsorship.

Check out where you could play Squash in Ireland:

The most famous Irish Squash Player was probably Mr Jonah Barrington although he was born in Cornwall, he came from an Anglo Irish family, and we went on to play for Ireland.  He was later dubbed “Mr Squash” and won a lifetime achievement award in 2006 at the world Squash awards!! What a Ledge…….