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Karen Meakins my story

Karen Meakins my story

This is me back in day in the Bedfordshire Under 12 county team. Can you tell which one i am?

My story….

I was a junior in the same era as Cassie Jackman, Linda Charman (Elriani), Dona Vardy, Sarah Spacey, among others….anyone who knows those names will know what a talented bunch of young ladies they were. I won a couple of Junior tournaments, was county champion a few times and one of the highlights of my Junior career was winning the Plate in the British Junior Open in 1986 or 87…..hard to remember exactly what year as that was a long time ago!!! I remember being both very proud and embarrassed (as any teenager would!) at being presented the Plate at a school assembly by the headmaster. The funniest part of that was that the Plate was bent in the middle and that seemed to be what everyone remembered!!!

When I turned 16 I did my level one coaching certification. Little did I know that what had started as a way to make some extra money would lead me to a life on a small island in the Caribbean! So fast forward 12 years (which included a couple of years trying to make it on the pro tour, a year traveling the world, 5 years as a firefighter and of course many many wonderful squash memories which produced many of my lifelong friends) and an opportunity came up for me to coach in Barbados. So in the summer of 2000 I left England to coach in Barbados and a new squash adventure began!!!!!

Check out Karen winning the Barbados national championship in 2013.  Stay tuned for more updates from Karen in the near future…..

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