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What is Length Hitting?


Hitting the ball to a length means hitting the ball to the back corners which in turn pushes your opponent backwards. The general target for a length is halfway between the back of the service box and the back wall as tight to the side wall as possible. 

Choosing your length shot

A general observation is that a lot of players will play length shots that are too similar and are generally categorised as a shot hit hard to the back.

In actual fact a lot of players should start to think about assessing each upcoming shot on its merit and look to make a quick decision on what TYPE of length shot to play. This variety in your game will create pressure but also minimise your mistakes, as you will be playing the right shots at the right time. 

Steve working on his length shots at Rwhibina Squash Club, Cardiff

  1. The Attacking Length option:

You have assessed the ball. (You are under low pressure) You have enough time to get to the ball and to flow in and out of your shot. In other words you have a little bit more time or you are under less pressure. This length shot can be hit with more severity and purpose with the intention of putting heavy pressure on the opponent.  RESULT: You create maximum pressure.

2. The Defensive length:

Having assessed the ball.  (You are under high pressure) You have little time and are under pressure. Therefore you need to play a defensive length. This could be characterised by getting to the ball late and by needing to play a high defensive length to give yourself time to recover to the Tee and to recover the rally. 

3.  The Stock Pile Length. 

Having assessed the ball (You are under medium pressure) and opt to hit a working shot or “stock pile” length. It is your average working shot. The reason to play this is because it is not optimal enough for an attacking shot and not so difficult that you need to defend. By playing a stock pile length you will reduce your margin for error.

Zonal Hitting to achieve your selected length?????

By splitting the front wall into zones this can help you to execute your chosen shots easier. Take a look at our options below then review it in the video below.

  1. Attacking length (Zone 1 & 2)
  2. Defensive Length (Zone 3 & 4)
  3. Stockpile Length (Zone 2/3)

Happy Length hitting!!!!


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