On The Journey

Orla ODoherty

By Orla O'Doherty


Hello!  I’m so excited to be writing my first blog for The Squash Pod.  I thought I’d take you all on the journey I’ve had this past year, my first year competing on the ESF Masters tour.  Some of you may know me purely for my Gold Jacket (future blog coming in 2020 about the life that jacket managed to take on!)

some of you may have seen this podcast and chose to become intrigued, curious, or simply decided I am a complete lunatic, and should never have been let out

The Squash Pod have kindly given me this platform to share with you some of my stories and adventures, wins and losses, highs and lows, and in particular, my new found love of the sport I’ve played for 40 years.  

I hope to share details of my training, preparation, and competition.  For those who know me, you can expect some ridiculous and funny stories along the way.  

This year, I’ve competed in and managed to win 6 ESF Masters titles, including the Europeans in Vienna.   I’m on a journey to do my best at the World Masters in Poland next August, as are many of you!  Join me on the trip!