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The Pod Team

Our Honest Review of Resin Grip.

Do you struggle maintaining your squash or Racquetball grip? Are you losing your grip, quite literally? Resin Grip may just be the answer.

The Squash Pod did an honest review of a resin based product called Resin Grip “currently not available to ship to the UK.”


It is beautifully packaged in a little 50g bottle, which fits ergonomically in the palm of your hand.  On a branding front the perfect sized bottle and punchy logo certainly looks the business and would be a cool addition to your racket bag.  10/10


Resin Grip is applied to the palm of the hand by opening the cap which doesn’t seem the most durable,  and by squirting a small amount to the hand and rubbing the palms together to create a glue like effect. Fantastically easy to use and you can feel the stickiness to the hand immediately.  9/10


The resin is certainly long lasting and you can notice the tackiness even after your time on court. That extra tacky feel gives confidence to your grip, meaning you are less likely to lose a racket out of hand which can be both embarrassing and dangerous.  8/10


Price seems on the money for what it is assuming you are able to get it in your country. It is roughly on par with other products out there albeit slightly more expensive, but as mentioned it does look very good indeed.  8/10

Value for money:

The Squash Pod feels like there might be a tendency to apply too much of the product on very hot days resulting in the bottle not lasting as long as perhaps other products out there. We found that the bottle can have a tendency to shoot out a lot of the product unless you are careful. Compared to non bottled versions this can mean the product doesn’t last as long.  8/10


Would we use this product again? Absolutely, it’s very effective – easy to use, and is at a good price. Hopefully it is soon available in the UK.  8/10

If you fancy trying it out it won’t break the bank and can be purchased here at the following link.

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