Mostafa Asal - The Raging Bull

When Mostafal Asal agreed to an interview with us we got the goosebumps.

Egypts dominance in Squash is astounding, and it is now set to reach new levels with the emergence of Mostafa Asal.  At 18 he announced himself to the world by winning the British Junior under 19 Open and then going straight into the World Championship and notching a great win against Welsh legend Peter Creed, only to go on to lose to Ali Farag in the second round. Perhaps a bridge too far at that point in his career, but the talent and potential that is on show is something to sit back and ponder for a moment. Since then and still all at the age of 18 he won the World Junior Championship without dropping a game, and picked up some major scalps in 2019. Notable wins already include, wins against Peter Creed, Tom Richards, Greg Lobban, Alan Clyne, saving the most impressive wins till the back end of last year against Diego Elias, Mohamed Abouhelgar & one of Mostafas heroes Gregory Gaultier.

Sports fans have we got your attention yet?

Check out Mostafa's progress in the JP Morgan Tournamant of champions this year before covid. This ended in him notching a 3-2 win against his hero Gregory Gaultier.

Baby Mostafa!!!. Mostafa told us that he didn’t start playing till he was 9 years old!  This is fairly late for most professional sportsman, which only highlights his talent!!


Before we started Mostafa wanted to thank the Squash Pod for the opportunity and wanted to say what a great job we are doing and hopes that this sort of content will continue:)

Q1 How did you get introduced to squash?

“It was my uncle Ibrahim Assal who played for the national team in Egypt who introduced me. He won a lot of British Opens and was a professional player, but I was very young and I was in love with football in the beginning and I still am a huge fan! When I was 9 years old I started playing and by the time I was 10, I was playing squash 4 days a week. I know this was a late age to start, but I tried to practice my swings and my father tried to help me focus on these things with me.”

Q2 Where are you from where do you live and train? 

“I am from Cairo where I live and train. I train at Al Ahly sports club known as Club of the century. This is the most famous club in Egypt and Africa. This is an amazing club, I play with Gawad here and it is a privelege to train here. I am also a massive fan of this football team.”

Q3 Who was your squash hero growing up?

“Gaultier, really just Gaultier, he was such a legend and always my hero. I always look forward to see what he is doing and how he is moving on the court.He is such a legend, I want to thank him so much, I learned from him a lot of things!!!”

Q4 Your talent is scary – how much pressure do you put on yourself at this age?

“I think I need to try to play with less pressure. I think I am still so young I have just turned 19 and I hope I don’t get injured, I want to be in the top 10 next year. I have a lot of dreams and a lot of years to play hopefully, and it is not easy it will be tough at this age. I am trying to do it to learn from the legends who were the same age and doing what I am trying to do now”

Q5 Why do they call you the Raging Bull? 😋👌

“Joey Barrington was the one who came up with it and I love it, I think it suits me really well. He said that when I was on court my goggles steam up so he called me The Raging Bull”

Q6 How would you describe “your game” what are you favourite shots?

💪“I love the basic game for sure. The best lesson my uncle taught me was to be passionate and to appreciate the basic game. The basic game gives me the opportunities to attack, attack, attack, and to play those winning shots like Gregory Gaultier does. I think in the JP Morgan I got too lucky, but I was able to play some great attacking shots.”

Q7 What are you up to during Covid19

“During the virus I am trying to stay fit. I am doing lunges with the racket, gym with weights, I have treadmill and bike and trying to stay safe and to keep away from the junk food!! as much as I can, and I hope to stay like that because its too difficult to not eat from outside the house. I am trying to keep studying as I have a lot of exams, so need to keep a balance between my training and University”

Q8 When do you think we may see you on court again Mostafa? 

“I really hope to return on court like now, I miss the fans in every way like so much, I miss the crowd, I miss squash, I miss the glass court, Squash TV. Normally when I was on on the plane last I was  missing my family so much because of a lot of tournaments and time away and i just wanted to spend time at home. Now I have spent so much time at home and I hope it wont be for much longer:)”

Lock down has meant more family time but Mostafa cant wait to get back on court!!
We wish Mostafa all the luck in the world with his career. His next target is Top 10

Mostafa is currently sponsored by Technifibre for his Rackets and Eye for his clothing. Listen to the below link for Mostafa’s thoughts on his new racket the Suprem Curv 125. 


Good Luck Mostafa!!!!!