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Squash Wales

Here are a few facts about Squash wales. They are the recognised governing body for  Squash in Wales. Squash Wales currently have around 121 affiliated clubs located across wales. These clubs are supported by the governing body and can give advice,  and even financial support to help with the running of the club.  

Squash Wales are responsible for the administration of all aspects of the  game, including regional and national leagues. 

They also help with the Development of elite players like Tesni Evans, as well as  new starters to the game, disability Players and league players alike.

Squash Wales are also responsible for the  selection and management of the international squad for competitions, including the European Team Championships and the World Championships. 

Squash Wales are made up of a team of individuals who are highly regarded in the Squash community.

The mission of Squash Wales is to continually support and grow the game in Wales. They are located at the Sport Wales National Centre, Cardiff. The home ground to The Welsh Wizards.

Squash Wales