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What is & who are SquashSkills?


By The Squash Pod

The Squash Pod

So what is and who are SquashSkills?

Well, SquashSkills is essentially a tool for players of all standards who want to get better. You can take control of your game by immersing yourself in a vast database of videos and blogs from Squash experts around the globe. Check out fitness sessions, training sessions, coaching sessions as well as blogs, videos and documentaries from the professionals. You also get access to SquashSkills Facebook community where you can share the Squash love with your fellow fans of the sport.

Check out who set up SquashSkills and why they did it:

This website is a fantastic tool for analysing how to improve aspects of your game to your heart’s content. Not sure about playing in the back corners??? Well check out videos on how to do just that and then go and practice it either alone or with friends. You could even go and find training drills to practice it as a routine. The SquashSkills gang add around 10 new videos biweekly and you always send them recommendations on topics.

There really is no substitute in our opinion for having a local coach to work with you on your game, but this is the absolute best and most fun recourse to go alongside that in our humble opinion. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time which encourages everyone to at least have a try.

Price plans are as follows:

£12.00 Per Month

£26.00 Per Quarter

£79.00 Per Annum

If you want to have a go you can join at the following link:

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