Tesni Evans

When you think of the phrase “one of our own” nobody better embodies this, for welsh squash lovers, than Tensi Evans.  She is a welsh icon and a Welsh Wizard. She has won numerous welsh titles,  is the leading welsh player on the PSA tour, and became the first welsh player to win the British Open not just once but twice. She has achieved so much and one of her proudest moments, was to win a commonwealth games medal for Team wales, which was the first medal for wales since Alex Gough’s bronze in 1998.  Tesni is also a star for the PSL team “The Welsh Wizards” which is Wales’ leading premier league squash team. She is an icon on and off court, and is a shining light for so many  players younger and older alike. 

Catching up with Tesni

 Join the Squash Pod this month, where we had the opportunity to catch up with Tesni on various topics such family, relationships, career goals, struggles, highlights, and much more.

From an early age Tesni always wanted to be a Pro player, and discusses with us the kind of sacrifices she has made over the years to be a professional squash player.  

Tesni Loves squash and her enthusiasm for the game is infectious.  Join us this month to listen to some of the ups and downs of life on tour,  as well as covering many other interesting topics. 

Commonwealth Games

Tesni has already won a commonwealth games bronze medal, two British open titles and 7 national titles. Tesni crowned off another fantastic season last time around by qualifying for the world tour finals.  This was her debut to the competition, but we are sure she will be there again this year!

Season Starter

Tesni will kick off this season on 24th September at the San Fransisco Netsuite Open, which will quickly be followed by the US open.

We wish her all the best with the new season. You can follow her on twitter and instagram @tesnievans. You can also support her by watching her live or on playback through Eurosport if you are in Europe.

Or, if you are live anywhere else in the world go to Squash TV