The World Team Championships with Emyr Evans

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We caught up with Emyr Evans to bring you some information about his time and performance at World Team Championships!

Playing for your country in any sport is an honour but in sports when you get to do this in a team format it must be even more special

The World Team Squash Championships is a Squash event involving 23 countries around the world. This year for the first time in 50 years the Team championships were held in Washington DC at the amazing club (Squash on Fire)  

The 23 countries involved were:

England, France, Wales, Egypt, Germany, Scotland, New Zealand, Nigeria, Ireland, Hong Kong, Malaysia, USA, Canada, Columbia, Jamaica, Switzerland, Argentina, Australia, South Korea, Singapore, Spain, Kuwait, South Africa.

Emyr Evans Q&A

Emyr Evans

Q: What is it like playing team Squash for your country Emyr?

E: It is very special playing for your country. We travel all year round on our own normally so when we get the chance to play for our country in a team event it’s nice to be part of it!  I enjoy having everyone behind me and love how winning my matches help my team and when you are doing that for your country it means a lot! The support you get really spurs you on even more!!

Q: Who are the Welsh Team?

E: The Welsh team consists of Joel Makin, Peter Creed, Emyr Evans & Owain Taylor.

Q: What is the format of the championship?

E: The format of the championship is that teams or countries were split into groups of 4 teams/countries to each group. There was one group that had 3 teams in it due to there being 23 teams and it being an odd number. The top 2 teams qualify from each group and go into the top 12, and the seeds 1-4 had a bye straight into the quarter finals. The other team played off for 13/23. This wasn’t like a normal knockout stage with top 16 due to there being an odd number.

Q: What was your impression of the World Team Champs being held at Squash on Fire in Washington DC?

E: I got a very good impression of the event; everything was very convenient and very well organised. The Hotel was only a 2 min walk to the Club so it was easy to go back and forth. The PSA were running the event so it really did feel like we were at a PSA event so it ran very smoothly with no problems at all. The club was very cool with glass courts and was right above a fire station!

Q: How did you get on personally at the championships?

E: I was pretty pleased with my week overall. The wins I had in the week was firstly against Nigeria and then I won 3-0 against Canada to Qualify out of our group. Then I won 3-2 against Hong Kong to make the quarters which was a big battle! Very long!  I didn’t need to play in the Semis as we had already won 2-0. Then we played against Egypt in the Semis where we lost 2-1 overall and I lost personally 3-1 to world ranked number 7. I gained a lot of confidence from the week so hopefully I can use it to push on more now!

Q: You say you have gained a lot of confidence from this, what are your targets from here?

E:  My ranking is now 109 my next goal is to get top 100, step by step!! I am just trying to improve as a player as much as I can and hopefully that means the results will follow!!

Q: Did you get a chance to explore during any downtime in Washington?

E:  We had one match a day so there wasn’t much time to do things around Washington unfortunately. When you have matches you just want to rest as much as possible, with practicing in the day, having lunch and time to relax there isn’t really time to explore.  Most matches were late afternoon or early evening. If we had lunchtime matches then after we could go somewhere. At the start of the week we did a bit of shopping and sightseeing. We finished on the Friday so had Saturday free so we went to see the Whitehouse which was great. We spent a lot of time in the evenings going for food which was great for the team to spend time together in that way.