Where to play squash?

Cristian Nunez – Squash Geek & Proud

Where to play squash?

To find where to play squash sometimes is very daunting. It can be difficult to find a club, whether you are an experienced player who has moved to a new city or someone who has never played before.

If you have never played....

It’s hard to show up in a club and say that you want to learn the basics. At the same time you want to try and will need someone to play with.

There is also that sheer panic – everyone in the club already knows how to play!

If you already know the basics...

You have googled “Where to play squash near me”, and find that all the courts nearby are part of a gym, school or even a country club that is not in your plans to sign up to.

Three things that will help you find the right club.

1.Google is your best friend: “where to play squash nearby?”

2.Check out squash associations websites. They all have a list of clubs and tools that will help you to search by area. These are some good examples.

US Squash

Squash Ireland

England Squash

Squash Wales

3.Once you find the place – go and check it out – talk to the people that are running the club.

Is there a box league in the club?

Do they have a weekly social sessions?

Do they have team in the local league?

Is there a coach that can help you to learn the basics and improve?

An active club in general will have at least 3 of the above.

In the US the sport is getting bigger and bigger. If you are in the East Coast it is definitely easier to find where to play, however the rest of the country is catching up. US Squash is making the right adjustments to grow the game nationally. An example of this is the new junior tournament structure for 2019/2020 where the number of non-east coast tournaments was increased in response to a larger number of people playing outside the east coast. 

View from the balcony
Squashland Ljubljana

Squash Communities.

Squash communities are one of the most sociable, fun & light hearted people you will find. And perhaps the game looks a lot more difficult than it really is, while you’ll gain fitness it’s not only for the super fit, drop by any club and you will quickly learn that.

If you happen to be near The Big Apple, this is the where is at… Manhattan squash 

Opening on October 1st of 2019 – it will be the first non-profit club to launch in a long while in Manhattan – 5 squash courts, coffee and a bar – what else do you need?

The Squash Pod are also very proud to introduce Shaun Moxham, Sanne Veldkamp, and Katline Cauwells, the amazing team behind M Squash, the cutting edge New York based Squash Academy. You Can listen to our MSquash and all our PodCast on the shows right here on our site. 

Feature Shows … Monthly shows

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